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Lilimar Hernandez
in Ivan Young

17th October 2020

American actress Lilimar Hernandez shared an Instagram post of herself wearing the Ivan Young Ostrich Feather Embellished Strapless Peplum Top in White during a beauty photoshoot on October 17, 2020. The post went out to her 1.1 million followers and garnered 38.5K likes.

Lilimar also posted photos of herself wearing the ethereally feathered top on her Instagram stories, and her Stylist Luke Funtecha reshared the images of Lilimar in Ivan Young with his 5.5k followers via his Instagram stories.

The Ostrich Feather Embellished Strapless Peplum Top in white worn here is part of the Ivan Young Iconic collection and is made from ethically harvested feathers that are colored with natural dye.

Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 12.57.23 PM.png
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