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“A pursuit to bring the epitome of luxury to the discerning few who has an eye for beauty, fashion, intricacy and everything of its glory for an assembled masterpiece. It’s of the core of the MULTILABEL GROUP to materialize through present observations, understanding of the evolving consumer needs and desires, to see pass the limitations of bricks and mortar boutiques – to truly uncover the fundamentals that meet the want of today’s world of fashion.”, Jane & Elle Tan. 
“Where luxurious masterpieces come together.”, THE MULTILABEL GROUP. 



The MULTILABEL GROUP was founded by two sisters from Peninsular Malaysia Jane and Elle Tan in 2017.

Est. 2017

Its origins begun way back in 2010, where its humble beginnings started with the creation of a high fashion jewelry brand, JANELLE. The business flourished through the years and is known for its finest handcrafted jewelries. The two partnered and ensured through every step in its production process; the outcome was only goods that were of high quality, designed to perfection and ones that would only yield admiration and affirmation of its owners.  The brand soon became known in more countries in Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, and soon after internationally. 

The two sisters’ avant-garde works saw new avenues to bring the best of worlds together to form the MULTILABEL GROUP; an expansion to not only fashion jewelries, but one that encompass high fashion brands. And that was where the initial foundations of the group started and the establishment of a new high fashion brand line was formed – IVAN YOUNG, founded in 2017. 

It begun with an artisan from Guangzhou known for his unprecedented designs, attention to details, and eye in identifying only the most luxurious materials to craft his creations. IVAN YOUNG’s artworks’ delicateness and custom made line are sought after by many even in its early days of formation. 

IVAN YOUNG fashion line uses only premium materials that are specially handpicked and designed by the artisan himself. The fundamental material in the line is silk and only 100% premium silk is used; matched with luxurious embellishments for a perfect pairing or combination. Every stitch is of precision and of exquisite intricacy.  

IVAN YOUNG is managed by the MULTILABEL GROUP and distribution expands through Guangdong, Guangzhou, China. The group’s flagship headquarters showcases IVAN YOUNG’s full range of high fashion offerings and is located in Glenmarie, Shah Alam Malaysia. 

To-date the MULTILABEL group produces men’s and women’s clothing, fashion jewelries, women’s footwear and baby’s bedding products.

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At the heart of the MULTILABEL GROUP is where the rhythm of creativity lays. Through the journey across borders, to different culture and social encounters; spark the inspirations to pioneer the world’s finest designs, setting new trends of today, and leaving a blazing trail of ideas and creations. 

The group exhibits constant and ever evolving creativity; using knowledge, experiences, intuitions, technology, local and cultural insights and talents from all walks of life. The creative process behind the scenes, the sheer talent and charisma enabled Jane Tan, Elle Tan and Ivan Young partnership to offer world class creations under the MULTILABEL GROUP. A local insight to a global approach; each masterpiece is prized from its first encounter. 


The constant desire for uncompromised quality, excellence, craftsmanship, and innovation are the integral part and puzzle of the MULTILABEL GROUP’s manufacturing process cycle. The group holds on to stringent industrial state-of-the-art production and manufacturing standards with uncompromising quality, workmanship and demands of only the best.

To ensure only the finest outcome is achieved, the line is completely made and produced in the group’s owned manufacturing plant located in Guangdong, China, 15 minutes’ drive from the iconic Canton tower. Each stage of the production and conception process is directly monitored and guided; from the procurement and purchase of only the finest raw materials, streamlining and shortlisting of only the best external suppliers, planning and coordination of all in-house production processes, to the fabrication of prototypes models, up till the final creations. 

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A network of highly talented artisans, internal and external parties selected for their excellent craftsmanship, quality and reliability matched with high quality raw materials and sophistication in every step of its creations, forms the core standards of the MULTILABEL GROUP.  

The artisans and talents behind the group are responsible for the exquisite creations have been in the field for an average of 10 years; thus commanding high standards and level of expertise in every level of the group. Through the experience and capabilities to innovate and create give speed in its production processes. With the seamless manufacturing and production processes in place, the group is able to launch collections after collections; through the four seasons of the year. 


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Raw materials are the primary focus of the MULTILABEL GROUP as it plays an integral part in the group’s standards and high quality creations. Each and every raw material are carefully sourced, screened and handpicked by the founders of the group that results in an uncompromised selection system managed in-house. 

Stringent regulations, inspections and technical specifications are string together to guarantee only the finest are used and material excellence is achieved. Prior to the commencement of the production process, internal quality inspectors and engineers will carry the final inspections prior to releasing the materials. 

The dyes used for all fabric are non-toxic and are of premium quality. The ink used for both printing processes and on hand painted fabric materials are safe for the consumers as they are toxic-free and safe on the skin. 

Under the fashion jewelry line of the group, all hardware selected are nickel-free that are safe for all too. 
All materials are carefully selected, in line with the group’s vision on creating environmental friendly fashion and jewelry lines with a sustainable model beneficial to both corporate and 
the environment. 

Under the fashion line of the group, the primary raw material used is Mulberry silk; carefully selected not only for its premium and quality traits but most importantly for its beneficial values to the human skin. The material is environmental friendly and biodegradable.  


The MULTILABEL GROUP’s product distribution is handled in Malaysia central warehouses. It is professionally managed by the group’s handling and logistics division that coordinates from goods storage, handling, shipping, distribution, delivery and transportations of goods worldwide. 
MULTILABEL GROUP logistic partnership company are DHL Express and DHL eCommerce


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